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Keeping it spooky with Halloween portraits

Halloween is a great time to celebrate the darker things in life - this year Kat Hastings and I collaborated on a spooky but beautiful theme inspired by classic gothic horror.

5th November 2019

Halloween, also celebrated as Samhain, all hallows eve and dia de los muertos (though that's actually in early November) is a time where the imagery of death, returning spirits, mischief and magic are strong in many parts of the world.  For me, the association with slasher style horror movies feels misplaced - being more about human corruption than about the thinning of the veil between this world and the next.

I'm not a believer in ghosts, not religious at all but as the season changes, the nights draw in and the leaves fall - it does feel like a transitional time when our northern hemisphere world dies back and sleeps awaiting the rebirth of spring.

I have always loved gothic style horror, where so much of the tension is in what's imagined and not seen, where tragic heroines rule the roost and the aesthetics are beautiful as well as macabre.  It's a great chance to dress up (and I LOVE costume making and wearing) and play characters that seem out of place at other times of year.  So I was delighted when my friend, literature scholar and model Kat Hastings got in touch with the idea for this spooky styled shoot inspired by the urban legend of Bloody Mary - who will appear in the mirror if you say her name three times on halloween night.


You can follow Kat on Instagram @kat_hastings

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