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Why you should consider a photo shoot with your parents!

It occurred to me while processing the above image of the lovely Min with her Mum, that I do a lot more photoshoots of parents with their young children, than I do with adults and their aging parents.  That seems wrong really!  Without wishing to be melancholy, our time with our parents is limited and they are the generation that don't take pictures of themselves and their lives on their phones like we do.

So surely we should prioritise getting photos of and with our parents or grandparents? These are the memories that we will go back to when they are gone. Or indeed the photos we will use to celebrate their lives as they reach key milestones like 80th or 90th birthdays, ruby and golden wedding anniversaries.

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Why not give yourselves a gift this Christmas and get some photos of your parents?  They will probably protest but surely they can't resist if you say it's what you want for Christmas!

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Gift vouchers are available for family photo sessions and individual studio portraits - just get in touch for details!

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