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Published 11/03/2020

Embracing the Frown - Creating Dramatic Portraits For Kids

Steampunk portrait

Cute is great when you're little, but it just doesn't quite cut it once you're a bit older.

At about 8 years old, my own son started cringing at images of him looking sweet and started making 'serious' faces in every photo.  Although initially I was a bit sad at this change of heart, eventually I decided to embrace it and I started creating some rather more dramatic portraits that make use of his new expressions. 

The key here is giving kids some control over their own image.  We all want to encourage self expression and involving kids in the making of their images is a brilliant way to do that.  Plus it means they are invested in making a good image, and that they will enjoy the image afterwards.

They may even allow it to hang on the wall like a work of art, rather than trying to hide it from visiting friends.  

Let's face it - this period between early childhood and the teenage years is an odd one. Becoming more aware of their appearance, building their personas and finding their niches are all starting at this point - and a great portrait can make all the difference to their confidence.  

This series was for Harry Potter fan Ava - age about 11 here.

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So if your kid has reached that awkward stage where you say 'smile!' and you get anything from an outright frown to a Joker style grimace - maybe its time to consider the dramatic option!

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