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Published 4th June 2020

South East Up & Coming Studio Photographer of the Year! Yep that's me!

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On Tuesday 2nd of June 2020, feeling pretty aggravated by lockdown and generally a bit blue about life, I joined the Master Photographers Association, South East Regional Competition Zoom call.  Earlier in the day I'd watched President of the MPA Su Kaye critique the hundreds of images entered in this year's awards, including some images of my own.  Critiques are great for getting genuine feedback and Su had some great points about my photographs which instantly made me go back and look at them again.

So I joined the Zoom call to celebrate with my fellow photographers and cheer myself up after a pretty crappy day.  I was delighted when three of my images got Merits (equivalent of the bronze medal) and amazed when two more went in as Finalists (silver medals).  However, I was floored (almost literally, I virtually fell off my chair) when it was announced that I'd won the title of South East Up & Coming Studio Photographer of the Year.  Obviously my poor brain couldn't cope and I stammered some random 'thank you-ish' words and burst into tears.  Then I remembered I was on Zoom and 40+ of the South East's best photographers could see me, so I opted for a grin instead which probably made me look like even more of a nut!

I'm totally honoured to have been a winner, chosen from among a lot of truly great photographers.  OK so it's a little weird to be 'up & coming' at 38 years old but I make no bones about the fact that I still have lots to learn about making photographs.  The 'Up & Coming' category is for those members of the MPA who have not yet achieved full membership, and the fact is that when I entered the competition some months ago - that was me.  Happily I achieved my Master Photographer status just a couple of weeks ago, so for the next competition I'm in the mix in the main competition, with the other qualified Master Photographers.

That's daunting but exciting and I'm now feeling even more determined to get back to making photographs as soon as I possibly can!  I have learnt loads of great stuff during the lockdown but it's time to stop experimenting on my son and get back out with clients and friends to make some magic!

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